The benefits of Cousteau School’s Preschool

The cognitive and social skills that will help your child find success in school and work the rest of their life are developed during their first five years. Our pre-school provides the structure to nurture your child’s critical development of these skills from as early as 2.5 years old. We also offer them the freedom and safety to imagine, play and explore – to still be kids.

During our full day pre-school, your child will be in our care, developing their oral language, discovering writing, numbers and more! And while your child’s pre-school experience will be focused on French, pre-school music lessons are provided in English. A dedicated English teacher also teaches certain lessons and projects to the class over the course of the year. 

As your child advances seamlessly at age 5 to Kindergarten, they receive additional English instruction per week.

Give your child the extraordinary Cousteau advantage. Register for our next Open House and learn more. Don’t forget to ask about our Eco-School program; before and after school child care; over 30 kids clubs, summer camps and more!  

An extraordinary preschool that teaches French in a small and nurturing environment.

Our maternelle classes:
For children from 30 months to 5 years old

A 3 year old girl from Cousteau The French International School of Vancouver's preschool is working on her fine motor skills.

Petite Section: 2.5 to 3 years old

Petite Section” or Preschool Year 1 is dedicated to our youngest children. In a small classroom with individualized attention, children start to develop their fine motor skills and cognitive skills like their ability to concentrate, by working with adapted material. Additionally, children are introduced to French with songs and stories, making it easy for them to acquire the basic vocabulary.
As it is required for their age and development, a nap time is reserved for them during the school day.
*Children must be potty trained to enroll*

Children from The French School of Vancouver Cousteau's preschool or pre-kindergarten grade are learning their syllables in French.

Moyenne section: 4 years old

Once children turn 4 years old, they integrate the “Moyenne Section” or Pre-kindergarten section. In this grade, children progress in language development by introducing a wider vocabulary and concepts like syllables.
Children start working in groups and developing their autonomy by taking on small responsibilities inside the class.

Learning cursive writing in Cousteau School's Kindergarten

Grande Section: Kindergarten (Age 5)

Kindergarten is the first stage of their official academic life. Once having passed through preschool, children start to prepare for elementary school through guided activities such as learning cursive writing, working individually, counting up to 30, among others.
Children work on language and expression by doing activities that require self-awareness and concentration.

Once children finish Kindergarten, they have concluded “La Maternelle” and are ready to continue their primary years studies at The French International School of Vancouver, Cousteau.

Not ready for a full day pre-school?

For those parents not yet looking for a full day pre-school experience, Cousteau’s La Calypso (located in Vancouver) offers a half-day learning environment.

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