Cousteau is the only school in British Columbia to teach both the French Ministry of Education and the British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum. 

As an accredited school of the Ministry of Education of France, we follow the French curriculum, where students (aged 6-16) are expected to master a “Common Core of Knowledge, Skills, and Culture” by the end of their schooling. 

This “Common Core of Knowledge, Skills, and Culture” identifies the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary for a student to be successful in their schooling, personal life, and life as an active citizen.

British Columbia’s curriculum works on three core competencies: Communicating, Thinking, and Personal/Social.

These core competencies establish the intellectual, personal, social and emotional proficiencies that all students need to develop in order to engage in deep and life-long learning.

At Cousteau, your child will learn elements of the B.C. curriculum in English, including Social Studies, Art, Geography, First Nations and Canadian History, English Grammar & Spelling. 

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